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"Grace Creek has worked with WebDriven on several projects from creating consumer-focused web sites and applications to porting existing web sites to new, open-source platforms. For Sportskool, WebDriven helped migrate the web site and content management system to a more cost-effective, open-source web platform. WebDriven met our deadline and budget, and the system has allowed us to reduce the overall cost of ownership on the product.

We continue to use WebDriven to update our sites and provide strategic advice on several Grace Creek online properties."

John Sorensen
VP, Production
Grace Creek Media

WebDriven worked with Grace Creek Media to develop a new site management platform for video-on-demand (VOD) sports instruction channel Sportskool. Sportskool.com offers video instruction on a wide range of sports from snowboarding to football with coaches ranging from Doug Flutie to Shaun White.

The WebDriven development team worked to convert a proprietary site and content management platform to an open source platform.  In addition, WebDriven had to initially integrate with an existing Brightcove solution which was used to manage video content and slideshows sitewide across all sports. Much of this functionality was ultimately replaced by a custom slideshow and image management application developed by WebDriven to manage the presentation of image-based assets for each sport.

The Sportskool team needed a fully-integrated ad solution to help drive ad-based revenue across the site.  WebDriven created a solution which integrated an ad server to create a contextual ad solution for each sport on the Sportskool site.

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Did you know?

SPORTSKOOL is an on-demand video channel currently available to more than 30 million digital television subscribers. It offers sports instruction video content from Doug Flutie, Mia Hamm, Shaun White and many others.

  • Project Design
  • Database Development
  • Specification Development
  • Ad Server Integration
  • Station Finder Integration (Zip Lookup)
  • Custom Asset Management