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"We continue to benefit from the value WebDriven brings to JDRF's advocacy efforts. From the beginning of the Spread the Word project to launch and beyond, WebDriven provides ongoing valuable guidance and creative solutions to help us build this critical social networking initiative. We've gotten lots of positive feedback from our advocates and grassroots leaders and have seen success already in our inaugural campaigns.

We look forward to furthering our partnership with WebDriven as we grow our online capabilities."

Michael Kondratick
Director of Grassroots Advocacy
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) 

Spread the Word is a private social networking application developed to increase the number of JDRF's advocates throughout the United States. The campaign is ongoing, with special contest months which feature prizes and an enhanced marketing push.

This project was the culmination of several months of careful research and specification development by WebDriven and JDRF. WebDriven's methodology incorporated feedback from several in-depth staff sessions, focus group meetings comprised of key stakeholders and phone interviews with grassroots leaders. The WebDriven team crafted an online survey and facilitated focus group sessions with regional and national JDRF grassroots leaders.

To help launch the "Spread The Word" campaign, WebDriven created a web-based application which allows individuals to create personal homepages and to e-mail invitations to friends and family to ask them to become JDRF Advocates. Current advocates can upload email lists from any of the major email programs (Yahoo, MSN, AOL...), customize their email pitch and then send the email to as many people as they like.

Rankings are displayed on the Spread The Word web site and prizes are given to individuals with the most recruits. An interactive map allows advocates to track success of the initiative nationally as well as in their home state. Individual advocates can also see how they rank versus their peers and see how many recruits they need to place on the leader board.

The custom application management tool gives staff and grassroots leaders the ability to send custom alerts and create detailed reports. This tool also provides a visual dashboard summarizing key metrics from the campaign from a monthly and year-to-date perspective.

As an ongoing recruitment tool, the solution provided by WebDriven has exceeded JDRF's initial expectations and garnered kudos for its ease-of-use and professional, clean design.

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Did you know?

In one 30-day contest JDRF recruited over 2000 new advocates.

  • Custom Flash map with Live Data Feeds
  • Focus Group Design & Facilitation
  • Survey Design & Analysis
  • Specification Development
  • Convio Integration
  • Database Development
  • ASP.Net