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The Kuhn Foundation & Grace Creek Media

Closer to Truth (PBS Series)

"WebDriven's task was daunting: Build a website that would reflect the high content and HD production values of Closer To Truth, organizing some 1400 videos by 128 contributors so that visitors would have a good aesthetic, navigational and viewing experience. WebDriven did it!  On matters that matter to me -- Closer To Truth especially so -- I do not easily please . I am very pleased."

Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Creator and Host
Closer To Truth


WebDriven partnered with The Kuhn Foundation and Grace Creek Media to create a comprehensive online resource to accompany the PBS series, Closer To Truth (CTT), which currently airs on more than 200 public television stations nationwide. 

Hosted by Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Closer to Truth is the definitive television series on Cosmos, Consciousness and God.  It features the world's leading scientists, philosophers, theologians, and diverse thinkers in the most comprehensive and accessible series on these subjects ever produced for television.

A custom Flash video player and site management system enables the CTT team to add videos, manage participant bios and other aspects of the site.  The site gives visitors the ability to view full episodes from the series as well as topical 'webisodes' which address specific questions raised in the course of Dr. Kuhn's discussions with leading scientists, theologians and others.

As part of this effort, WebDriven has brought together online resources from previous CTT series and other content relevant to the primary threads of exploration in the current series - Cosmos, Consciousness and God. 

In addition, each participant's bio provides an index of video presentations in which they appear as well as updates, blogs and other information on relevant topics and research. Visitors can also browse all video content by topic and see the schedule of future episodes.

Other site features include a Stations Listing guide, a Press area and a Photo Gallery of behind-the-scenes production stills from locations around the world, including the UK, Iceland and several cities in the U.S.

Prior to the development of the CTT site, WebDriven created a private preview website for the series. This site was developed in part to drive interest in the series for public television program directors.

WebDriven and the CTT team are currently working on enhancements to the site and overall web strategy for the website.

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Did you know?

The Closer to Truth crew traveled all over the world to shoot the current series, including attending an annual cosmology conference in Iceland.

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  • Database Development
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