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Bleacher Report Offers Open Source Sports Network

If you've ever had the urge to out-clever those guys on SportsCenter or simply want to channel your inner sports analyst, Bleacher Report may be the place for you.

Partnered with CBS Sports, Bleacher Report provides an outlet for fans and wannabe sports writers -- but you need to bring your A-game. Unsubstantiated assertions or claims which can't be backed up to the community's satisfaction will likely impact your Writer Ranking.

Each piece submitted to Bleacher Report can be edited by the community and will be ranked. The higher your Writer Rankings the better your chances of prominent visibility on the site, even landing you on the homepage.

You can view stories as they come in on "Live on B/R" or browse Play-by-Play articles from the big game. Favorite team areas allow fans to edit and comment on stories posted or write one of their own.

So if you're still resenting ESPN's 5,000 character limit in the SportsNation discussion board, cruise on over to Bleacher Report.

Visit Bleacher Report >>

D.J. Smith is Co-Founder & Senior Principal at WebDriven. A 15-plus year veteran of the Internet, he still remembers - albeit not too fondly -- how to setup a gopher site.

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