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WebDriven Launches Sites to Support Major JDRF Initiatives on Diabetes Research

WebDriven created a Children's Congress website for JDRF's June event in Washington, D.C. More than 150 Delegates from around the country and internationally convened to share their stories with legislators and spread the word on juvenile diabetes.

WebDriven created sites to help drive JDRF's key grassroots initiatives

Their most successful event to date generated buzz on Capitol Hill and among the press and served to solidify JDRF as one of the top fundraising organizations in the country. WebDriven created a fun, colorful web site for the event and then WebDriven covered the event live through blog postings and audio/video interview streams. It was great to play a small part in such a worthwhile effort.

In September JDRF asked WebDriven to create a new web presence for the Promise to Remember Me Campaign. This effort centers around local visits with federal legislators by children with diabetes; reinforcing the message of increased funding for juvenile diabetes.

The new web site allows JDRF to manage meeting scheduling and communication with advocates using a robust and innovative custom application developed by WebDriven. Featuring AJAX controls and tools for managing meeting photos and summaries, the site offers an interactive Flash map of the United States which will be automatically updated as meetings are scheduled -- monitoring progress toward the goal of 400 meetings nationwide.

Visit Children's Congress Site

Visit Promise Site

D.J. Smith is Co-Founder & Senior Principal at WebDriven. A 15-plus year veteran of the Internet, he still remembers - albeit not too fondly -- how to setup a gopher site.

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