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WebDriven launches Children's Congress website for JDRF

WebDriven created a Children's Congress website for JDRF's June event in Washington, D.C. More than 150 Delegates from around the country and internationally will convene to share their stories with legislators and spread the word on juvenile diabetes.


WebDriven was responsible for this project from start to finish including: overall design, project management, content management system customization, special features, production and launch.

Special features include a photo integration tool that pulls Flickr photos from the JDRF collection, associating media "clippings" with individual delegates, share features to bookmark individual pages with popular social media sites.

Visit JDRF's Children's Congress website

D.J. Smith is Co-Founder & Senior Principal at WebDriven. A 15-plus year veteran of the Internet, he still remembers - albeit not too fondly -- how to setup a gopher site.

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